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Founded in 1919

Charitable Organization Helping Physicians in New York

Welcome to Physicians’ Home, Inc., your trusted charitable organization in New York dedicated to serving physicians and their spouses or families. We understand that even the most accomplished physicians sometimes face financial challenges. That’s where we come in, offering a helping hand during difficult times and ensuring that physicians can focus on what matters most – their well-being and their patients.

At Physicians’ Home, Inc., we provide a comprehensive range of services that encompass financial assistance for physicians and their families. We are here to ensure that physicians receive the aid they need to navigate challenging times.

Mission Statement

Physicians’ Home, Inc. is a charitable organization assisting physicians who fall on hard times and are in need of financial help.

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  • Who We Help

    A doctor should have obtained a New York State medical license and practiced in the area before their request for financial help is considered. The physician and spouse may be considered eligible based on specific circumstances. When an application is received, a committee of the board of directors reviews the applicant’s circumstances and financial means. If accepted, assistance is provided through a monthly check, and no repayment is expected. Beneficiaries are reviewed at regular intervals for changes in circumstances.

    Some of our doctors are older with funds that have been exhausted for various reasons, such as a prolonged illness of a spouse. Others are younger, seeking assistance because some untoward event has rendered them temporarily or permanently unable to work and finding themselves in debt, with little in the way of resources.

  • About Us

    Physicians’ Home, Inc. was an actual living facility in its early years. Later, it transitioned to an organization that provides regular financial assistance to beneficiaries and helps them remain in their homes.

  • Privacy Statement /Information Handling

    Physicians’ Home, Inc. values every contributor, individual, or group interested in our organization. We are committed to responsible information handling practices and safeguarding personal information. 

    Specific guidelines are maintained in the administrative office to provide reasonable security for personal information received. 

    When personal information is requested, it should be clear why it is needed, e.g., to place contact information in our file or to process a contribution for deposit.  

    Physicians’ Home, Inc. does not sell, share, or loan your personal information to third parties. We may need to make certain information available to those who provide necessary services for us, e.g., to an auditing firm carrying out an annual audit. 

    Any individual or group contacted by the organization as part of a fundraising effort, or any previous contributor may ask to be removed from appeal mailings. Depending on the timing of a donation within our fiscal year and whether or not a Donor’s Journal is printed for that year, contributors’ names — not amounts — may be placed on an alphabetical list in the journal for recognition. Any donor may request not to be listed. 

    Our website is secured by an SSL certificate provided by the web host You may click the padlock symbol on the address bar for more information. 

    This privacy statement may be updated at intervals to reflect changes to our practices. 

    Thank you for visiting our website.  

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